Die-Clar: Die Cleaning System

DIE-CLAR is a very innovative system for the cleaning of dies used in aluminium extrusion industry.

Crystalfix: Caustic Soda Recovery System

CRYSTALFIX is the most updated technology for the recovery of caustic soda used in the process of dies pickling by the aluminium extrusion industry.

Dry Plus: reduces the amount of sludge from anodizing plants

With the ability to apply to new and existing plants

Reducing the amount of sludge produced by 50%



Easy Clean: reduces sulfates from anodizing plants

Reduces sulfates from anodizing plants with the best possible solutions for managing the waste based on the widespread physicochemical processing and its combination with EASY CLEAN technology

Freeal: Acid Purification Unit for Anodizing Plants

Fully automated treatment and recovery plants (FREEAL) for used solutions of sulfuric acid