Geochemical Method for Other Applications

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ITALTECNO, through the ECOLOGY DIVISION department, is pleased to offer its customers the world’s unique innovative solution for the management of their waste based on geochemical treatment, a technology of long-term and in-depth research
The geochemical method can be applied to any type of waste treatment such as:

  • Civil waste treatment
  • Landfill leachates treatment
  • Waste treatment of the metal industry
  • Processing of waste from the food industry (olive production, mills, dairy products, dairies, fishery products, meat processing, canning etc.)
  • Waste treatment of the oil industry
  • Slops treatment
  • Production of drinking water from contaminated water treatment
  • Inactivation of toxic sludge
  • Refining contaminated soils
  • Production of organochemical fertilizer from organic sludge

and to guarantee:

  • 95% recovery where feasible and permitted
  • Excellent quality characteristics of the produced waste
  • Maximum compliance with legislation
  • Ease of operation
  • Sort reaction time
  • Limited space required
  • Binding of heavy metals, sulphates, fluorides, aluminum, etc., regardless of concentration
  • Absolutely competitive investment costs
  • Low operating costs up to 5 times lower than other existing technologies
  • Inert sludge