New Model 2019 !

The centrifuge has been designed and designed for the specific use with soda sludge in order to optimize the separation, the advantages compared to similar general purphose centrifuges are the following:
– Safety circuit that prevents accidental opening of the cover if the basket is moving
– Motor controlled by inverter with safety function of tork off to prevent accidental starting of the basket with the lid open
– Automatic overload detection and prevention system
– 4 oversized shock absorbers for maximum stability during processing.
– Stainless steel basket with conical laser cut perforations to improve the drainage of liquids
– Large counterweight base in rolled steel on a single piece
– Predisposition for hot water loading to facilitate the rinsing of the net
– Use of 50 micron microfiltration mesh which is easy to assemble and replace
– Improved mud cutting knife geometry to optimize removal without damaging the net
– New nozzle bleed circuit to automatically avoid possible fouling
– Transmission support separated from the crankshaft so as not to stress the motor shaft
– Doubled rotation bearings for greater resistance to vibrations, quiet operation and longer life of the machine itself
– Internal geometry optimized for expulsion of filtered soda
– Large thick reinforced lid to prevent deformation
– Upper group and lid in stainless steel
– New management software able to work stand alone or to integrate with the automation of the complete crystal fix system
– Diagnostic system and remote assistance